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This software is an unofficial tweaking utility for the KIS/KAV 6.0 family. Kaspersky Labs (KL) does not endorse nor supports the development. You are downloading and using this program on your own peril. In case of any unforeseen consequences in the product stability, please inform the developer by email. Kaspersky Labs is not responsible for any errors or instability this utility might cause!


Common Terminology:

KAV - Kaspersky Antivirus 6.0
KIS - Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0.
Antivirus - If not specified explicitly, the term can be applied to both KIS and KAV
KL - Kaspersky Labs



Like any other similar program, this utility changes some values in the registry, which are responsible for antivirus settings, even though they are not exposed through GUI.

To run KIS Tweak Util, you must have installed MS .Net.Framework 2.0 or above. (Download  from Microsoft site).

Main Features:

Changing of the undocumented Antivirus features. There is also some service tweaking possibility. Those settings are not fully accessible via GUI endpoints of the real interface. Those features are present, but will be accessible via this utility.


Description of Features:

Bases 7 days: Responsible for the parameter that controls the “freshness” of antivirus signatures. By default they become outdated in two days, and the program starts to display a nagging message about it. All is good, but I do not have any Internet connectivity at the moment. What can I do? Impossible to update the signatures and antivirus constantly nagging. Disabling the warning, also not a good idea. Than I will not know if the bases are old. This utility sets the expiry date to 7 days (as by default in version 5.0 family). Useful for people who rarely connect to the Internet, but are annoyed by the waning message being displayed.

Full Computer Scan Complete: Changes the registry value, which is responsible for full computer scan flag. Antiviruses from version 6 require a full computer scan right after the reboot. The only way to disable this message is to perform a full computer scan. Although if it is known that know dangerous software is present (such as fresh installs, replacing antivirus software (example KAV to KIS), or through testing cycles of many beta builds) - this utility will allow the option to get rid of this message

Quarantine Startup Scan: By default antivirus scans files, which are quarantined after each update. But what if you update not by standard methods. If you manually copy the bases over, this functionality will not properly work. In this case it is a good idea to scan those files after antivirus startup.

Turn on logs level 500: Enables/Disables traces logging functionality. This functionality is needed for fast access to logs, which can be requested by KL Developers or Support, if you encounter any product slowdowns or other related problems.



Almost all of the functionality in this utility, requires temporary disabled Self-Defence.

After settings the needed parameters, it is very important to turn on Self-Defence back. You can do it manually, at the next Antivirus start, or automatically from this utility, in this case your computer will be rebooted.



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